Pixel world

3D computer graphics technology is a great tool to map the physical world into the digital world. It has become an integral part of cinema since the first full-length computer graphics feature film Toy Story. Since then, quite a few animated movies have been released every year.

Pixar and Dreamworks are two famous animation studios that entertain us with their beautiful creative ideas using massive computing power. Many mathematical and computer science theories are coupled together to create 3D modelling software that is used to build the characters and scenes.

The digital world is easily manipulatable as it encodes the physical world in a matrix of pixels. It is not restricted to simulate reality and can also extended to visualize fantasies. Rules of the universe do not apply here. In this world– a car shows emotions, toys talk, dragons are trained and snowmen walk. It either takes us back in snow age time or far in future in era of robots. It makes a rat a great chef and a panda a Kung-Fu fighter.

Nodecad is a simple online tool to create 3D models. It is an attempt to dissolve the boundary between the physical and digital world, to bring the technology to everyone so that you can build anything, either born out of your own imagination or taking inspiration from the reality

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Pixel world